Don’t you just hate when you are trying to get the your children, little nieces or nephews, children of friends somewhere and they just won’t sit still or are suddenly in a bad mood as you move, let’s look away from how frustrating uncomfortable children can get, and worry about the safety factor, jumping about and distracting the driver and all.

Employing any one or all of these car hacks will keep your kids calm and occupied during family road trips or any trip in particular.




Packing the family into the car and hitting the road always seems like a great idea, until your passengers get restless. Trouble tends to arise when boredom sets in — your passengers get restless, hungry and cranky.





Occupy Their Eyes and Ears



Most car manufacturers now offer overhead DVD players in family vehicles since they are a great way to keep kids occupied in the car. If your vehicle doesn’t have a DVD console factory installed there are a plethora of aftermarket options you can buy. Additionally, you might even consider purchasing a second player if you have kids that don’t agree on what makes for good viewing content.


Another great option is bringing along a tablet. These handy devices represent hours of entertainment for your kids. Be sure to download a bunch of movies and games in advance of your trip so they have endless options to keep them busy.


With either of the above devices it’s imperative to your own sanity that each child is equipped with a set of headphones.


There’s nothing more annoying than listening to the soundtrack of a movie overlaid with the chiming or buzzing from a game being played on a tablet. Enforcing a headphone mandatory policy in your vehicle will both help hold your kids’ focus on what they are doing, ultimately avoiding any backseat quarrels over who’s being too loud or disruptive.


Have Toys and Activities In Close Proximity as well.




Backseat Organizers


With your kids securely buckled into their seats it’s important you keep anything and everything that will entertain them within arm’s reach. A great way to accomplish this is by stocking a backseat organizer with anything and everything that could keep your kids happy. From toys to games, to books and snacks, giving your child lots of options will help maintain a positive car environment.

back seat organizer
Back seat organizer

Keep Hunger At Bay.






Car Fridges



Preparing for a family road trip by packing a variety of snacks and drinks is key to keeping kids happy and avoiding any hunger induced meltdowns. It’s also a lot more wallet friendly than purchasing food on the road.


To increase the variety of snack options you can pack consider bringing a cooler for perishables like yogurt and cheese and to keep drinks cold. Even cooler than bringing a cooler is investing in an inexpensive car fridge that plugs into your vehicle’s 12 volt receptacle. These handy little fridges are the size of a standard car console so they can easily fit between two captain’s chairs or can be placed on the middle of a bench seat and used as a space divider between two children.


Create A Cozy Environment




Car Window Shades



Anything you can do to cozy up the car is encouraged to keep kids calm while on the road. Packing blankets, pillows and favourite stuffed animals definitely falls into this category. Additionally, consider using window shades to block out the glare of the sun, which can distract kids from watching their movies, using tablets, and if you’re lucky sleeping.


Stay Powered Up At All Times



12V USB Charging Splitter and Cables



The last and possibly most important kid calming car hack is to keep all those time sucking devices powered up. It’s in your best interest to have a designated set of car chargers because as soon as they leave the car, they quite often don’t find their way back. Depending on the gadgets you need to keep powered you may want to invest in a 12V USB splitter that holds multiple charging cables


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