Lamborghini is the perfect combination of fastest speed, brilliant aerodynamic design, and fast cornering. To let you know more about this eye candy of all cars, here go some impressive Lamborghini facts.


When you look back into the car history, there’s a lot of wonderful and fun facts to look at. Like, the height of the worlds lowest street-legal car, or, number of cars in use on earth, or how long it takes a car with speed of 90KM/h to go to the moon. All weird and wonderful things…


  The main reason of why vibration occurs is an unstable body in a rotating or reciprocating motion. A car engine has many parts including crankshafts, pistons, flywheels, connecting rods, and more that are in continuous rotating and reciprocating mode when the engine is running. Many engine vibration causes will give different warnings about various engine problems. Lets…

In a country like ours and a city where there is so much stress on vehicles and a good number of the roads are horrible its no surprise when one sees a damsel in distress every now and then, Most women do not know anything about cars, besides the fact that it can get them…

Peugeot, like many other car companies, the founding stories are most times quite the same: it began as a family-run business. The legacy of Peugeot brothers goes back to 200 years ago.    

The  Powertrain and transmission system transmits engine power to the vehicle’s wheels and multiplies engine torque to accelerate the vehicle

The positive crankcase ventilation system was one of the earliest emission-control devices. It draws leftover combustion gases from the crankcase (the oil pan and bottom of the engine) and routes them back into the engine, where they’re burned in the combustion chambers instead of escaping into the atmosphere.