We have all been in emergency situations, witnessed accidents or simply just been in situations whereby people needed medical help and emergency services were yet to respond, well Here are 7 Things to Always Have In Your Car for Health and Safety Reasons:



  1. First aid kit


You never know when you’re going to need a first aid kit.


First aid kit
First aid kit




  1. Flashlight or mini-lantern


Ever tried to change a tire in the dark? Or lose your wedding ring under the seat? Your flashlight will save the day. Because batteries can lose their juice over time, we recommend getting a crank-style light that doesn’t need them.







Flashlight or mini-lantern
Flashlight or mini-lantern




  1. Multi-tool
    A multi-tool covers your bases on the most common stuff and is loads more space-efficient than a bulky toolbox. Leatherman is the gold standard, but there are plenty of more affordable options on the market.





  1. Emergency food

You might be traveling off the beaten path, it’s a good idea to keep a few non-perishable, melt-proof, calorie dense food items in the car, like energy bars, granola bars, dried fruit.  I even found one list that included peanut butter, which sounds great in theory but horrible in execution without utensils and water to wash it down.



  1. Water bottles

A couple of bottles of water can literally save your life when you’re stranded and facing dehydration. Make sure the bottles are sturdy enough to withstand both extreme heat and freezing conditions.



  1. Reflective triangles

You’re already having a bad day, so make sure that night drivers can see you when you’re pulled off onto the shoulder to help prevent it from getting any worse. Once again don’t let the FRSC officials be the ones to remind you to have one.

Reflective triangle
Reflective triangle


  1. Pail/bucket
    Collecting rain water. Temporary garbage can. Spontaneous sand castles. Corralling all of the little things on this list. A pail or bucket is an indispensable car item.


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