A car’s air filter is a small and inexpensive part; but it’s essential to performance & fuel economy. A good/clean air filter is a basic need for the proper operation of a car. A clean air filter leads to enhanced gas mileage, increased engine life, better acceleration, lower emissions & overall enhanced engine performance.

Air filters are quite simple to replace. But prior to replacing the air filter, you need to figure out if it really needs to be replaced. Below are the top four problems that a vehicle will encounter when it has a bad air filter. If you observe any of these signs with your car you should go to an authorized or trusted technician

Strange Engine Noises

A bad or dirty air filter usually leads to several strange noises when the vehicle is idling. If you observe spitting or coughing type noises when your car is stopped in traffic, it is a great sign that your car’s engine isn’t receiving sufficient airflow & that the car air filter needs to be replaced.

Decreased Performance

If you observe that your car does not accelerate well, or merely does not have the power that it used to, there is a great opportunity that the air filter isn’t permitting enough air into your vehicle’s engine. Your car requires clean air for the combustion procedure & a dirty air filter inhibits the intake of enough clean air. You also may observe jerky acceleration with the pushing of the gas pedal on your car. This is also a common sign of a bad air filter.

Gas Mileage

Pay attention to the average gas mileage your vehicle is getting. A common sign of a dirty/bad air filter is a decrease in gas mileage. By keeping a clean, effective air filter, you are able to save on fuel expenses.

Spark Plug Problems

A dirty or bad air filter significantly impedes the volume of air flow to the engine, which consequently leads to an overly rich air-fuel blend. This rich air-fuel blend can then pollute the spark plugs that will, in turn, lead to your car engine to miss fire. Spark plug issues can cause your vehicle to idle roughly & you may also have problems starting it.


If your car is experiencing any of these problems, then it is time to change your air filter. A clean and properly set up air filter will enhance gas mileage by as much as 14%, increase engine life, lower emissions & may boost acceleration up to 11% based on the make & model of your car. That is why it’s always a smart choice to take your car to a reputable & reliable mechanic.




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