Getting your vehicles transmission cleaned is vital to a long automotive life. We recommend that you flush your vehicles  transmission every 2 to 3 years, or every thirty thousand miles. You may to have get it flushed additionally if you experience any of the following…


If you can hear any strange noises when your vehicle is shifting or if you can feel any vibrations when your vehicle is shifting, this means the transmission is dirty. Sludge and dirt can cause your vehicles transmission to shift roughly.

Problems Shifting Gears

If your vehicle shifts either too early or two late (and it is noticeable) that means that you need to have your transmission flushed. Having unclean fluid can cause your transmission to lose its timing. If you drive a manual transmission vehicle you may have trouble simply shifting into a different gear.

Gears Slipping

If your transmission fluid is not full enough, or it is dirty, your transmission may have trouble building the pressure it needs to stay in gear. This may cause your transmission to slip gears. A dirty transmission may also build up dirt and cause a lack of fluid flow, causing it to slip.


Vehicle Jerking

If your vehicle is jerking or surging when it shifts gears you may need to have clean fluid added to your transmission. Dirty transmission fluid can cause your transmission gears to shift hard causing your vehicle to jerk some.


Vehicle Stalling

If your vehicle stalls or hesitates to move forward when you first start it and put it into gear, your transmission fluid may be full of dirt and other micro particles. I transmission flush will fix this issue.

You may think that your transmission is going out, or is in need of being replaced but in most cases it is just dirty or low on fluid. A simple transmission flush should be your first move in resolving the issue. If there are still issues with your transmission then you may need to take further action.



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