When you look back into the car history, there’s a lot of wonderful and fun facts to look at. Like, the height of the worlds lowest street-legal car, or, number of cars in use on earth, or how long it takes a car with speed of 90KM/h to go to the moon. All weird and wonderful things to behold. In this article, we pick up the 10 of the most weird car fun fact to share with you.


Car fun fact 1

There are 1 billion cars currently in use on earth.



Car fun fact 2 

The world oldest running car which has really long car-model name – De Dion Bouton Et Trepardoux Dos-A- Dos – was manufactured in France in 1884. It was sold at auction for US$ 4.62 million in 2011.



Car Fun Fact 3

It would take less than 6 months to get to the Moon by car at 60mph (95km/h).



Car fun fact 4

The top speed at the world’s first real automobile race in 1895 was just 15 mph.



Car Fun Fact 5

75% of cars that Rolls-Royce has ever produced are still on the road today.



Car fun fact 6

Each year up to 50 million people are injured in traffic accidents, globally



Car fun fact 7

Volkswagen owns Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati and Porsche.



Car fun fact 8

The world’s highest ever motoring fine belongs to a Swedish driver when a radar machines caught him driving at close to 300 km/h on the A12 motorway (Switzerland). The fine was around 538,000 Pounds (650,000 Euros), 4 times higher than his 140,000 Pounds Mercedes SLS AMG.


Car fun fact 9

In Turkmenistan (Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia with a population of about 5 million, and an area around half a million square kilometers, or almost the size of Spain), car drivers are entitled to 120 Liters (31 gal.) of free petrol a month.



Car fun fact 10

The first known paper speeding ticket issued to Harry Myers – a driver in Dayton Ohio in 1904. Mr. Myers was driving 12 miles per hour when the speed limit was 8 miles per hours on straight-a-ways and 4 miles per hour when turning.



Car fun fact 11 

The inventor of the cruise control  Ralph Teetor was blind.



Car fun fact 12

In the early years of the 20th century, horses were causing so much pollution with their poop that cars were seen as the “green” alternative..


Car fun fact 13

You may have never heard of the name Mary Anderson, but you’ve probably used her invention thousands of times in your life. She is an inventor of the first windshield wipers.

Mary Anderson


Car fun fact 14

Sweden’s Volvo made the three-point seat-belt design patent open and available to other car manufacturers for free, in the interest of safety. It saves one life every 6 minutes.




Car fun fact 15

In 1900, 40% of American cars were powered by steam, 38% by electricity, and 22% by gasoline.



Car fun fact  16  

In Russia, it’s a criminal offense to drive around in dirty car even when the dirt is as pretty as a picture.



Car fun fact 17 

Having no recollection of your drive to work or school (autopilot) is called  “Highway Hypnosis.”

Car fun fact 18  

The average car has 30,000 parts.



Car fun fact 19

The vehicle with the highest mileage covered a total of 2,850,000 miles (4,586,630 km).



Car fun fact 20 

95% of a car’s lifetime is spent parked


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