Anti-Lock Brake System

The Antilock Braking System control module is a microprocessor that runs diagnostic checks of a vehicle’s ABS. It processes information from wheel-speed sensors and the hydraulic brake system to determine when to release braking pressure at a wheel that’s about to lock up and start skidding.   The system prevents skids when braking, and stability…

Most vehicles have a rubber belt on the front of the engine that drives accessories such as the air-conditioning compressor, power steering pump and alternator. If this accessory drive belt (also called a V or serpentine belt) breaks, the battery won’t get charged, the air conditioner won’t blow cold air and the power steering will…

Ball joints act like hinges and connect the suspension control arms to the steering knuckles with a rotating, spherical stud and a socket, giving the wheels a wide range of movement — from side to side for steering, and up and down for going over bumps.

The right way to look backwards. For the past couple of years, various car makers have been offering blind-spot detection systems for their cars’ side mirrors. Often complex, these systems employ cameras or radar to scan the adjoining lanes for vehicles that may have disappeared from view.

Engine coolant

Often times car owners  are of the opinion if its not broken don’t fix it, but that we tell you that is the laziest statement any one can ever made…It is recommended that engine coolant be changed seasonally. In order to work properly, an engine’s cooling system and radiator need to be clean. After time,…

You might get a heated argument over whether rainy, dry or Harmattan is the best season, but everyone seems to agree on the worst: pothole season. And this year already has produced a bumper crop of impressive pothole specimens.

It’s ironic that though we live in a time when information was never more plentiful that misinformation, fallacies and myths persist.

High fuel prices can put a strain on your budget so that’s why we look for ways to conserve fuel.  How freely a vehicle rolls has a huge impact on its fuel economy, how well the fuel system operates, and how completely the ignition system burns the fuel. And with today’s cars, if the computer control…

The three Ps’ of auto care to make sure your vehicles  are ready for any situation.

One of the most important aspects of a vehicle are the brakes, we all want to move, but few people have given much consideration to what it takes to bring the car to a halt at said destination, brakes often times get no love from vehicle owners/users and we aim to change that.

Things change, including the way we use our cars, how we drive them and the condition of our roads. Although normal driving is defined as steady driving in non-extreme weather or environments, for most motorists in our country, being a severe driver is more the rule than the exception.