Peugeot, like many other car companies, the founding stories are most times quite the same: it began as a family-run business. The legacy of Peugeot brothers goes back to 200 years ago.    

The  Powertrain and transmission system transmits engine power to the vehicle’s wheels and multiplies engine torque to accelerate the vehicle

While driving school may teach a person how to drive, they don’t always teach everything a person needs to know about their car. Part of this is because things differ from brand to brand and model to model.

The vehicles suspension and steering system supports the weight of the vehicle, absorbs shocks and bumps from the road, and allows the front wheels to pivot allowing steering and controls the geometry of the tire and road relationship for best traction and handling under changing road conditions.

Ask any driver here in Nigeria what the most important feature is on their car and many would probably answer, “My air conditioning!” It might be hard to argue that point. A lot goes into delivering ice cold air when you push that A/C button, or hot air for that matter. That’s when the HVAC system…

The slippery liquid stuff that we pour expensively into our engines at every service serves very many purposes, some of them not so obvious. Lubrication is the obvious and most important purpose.